Nimbus water systems manufacturers reverse osmosis and nanofiltration water treatment equipment for a wide range of applications. Nimbus has been engineering innovative water treatment solutions for the world since 1968.

 Nimbus is proud to offer quality reverse osmosis systems from 50 gallon per day residential systems to 100,000 per day commercial system. If your water treatment application requires customization, the nimbus engineering the staff can design solutions to meet your specific needs.

 Our manufacturing facility includes system assembly, membrane rolling, injection molding and a full range of quality testing equipment. We fully test every component and system to ensure the highest standards of quality.

Nimbus water system was founded in 1968 by Donald T. Bray and is privately held.

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We’ve come a long way since our creation in 2004. Ever since we started you have expected more because of our expensive hands-on water filtration experience, and that's precisely what we are currently delivering. We can call it “Total Solution Technology”. TST water has fast become leading manufacturer of water filtration products. And we are proud of the fact that virtually all of our high quality products are now manufactured right here in the USA “back to the USA” has fast become our manufacturing cradle.

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