UG-1000 POE Ultrafiltration System

POE Ultrafiltration System


UG-1000 Membrane Module Features

  • Point of Entry Water Filtration; Whole House

  • Double Skinned Membrane; Greater Reliability

  • High Operating Pressures

  • 99% efficient, Greatly Reduces Waste of Our Water Resources

  • Easily back-flushed due to membrane-housing design

  • Long membrane life

  • Very easy element replacement

  • >5 log reduction of Bacteria, Cysts, Viruses and turbidity reduction

  • WQA Certified to the USEPA Guide Standard and Protocol for Microbiological Water Purifiers


UF Ultrafiltration POE System

Part Number



Complete System with membrane


Replacement membrane


Membrane Characteristics

PES - Hydrophilic Double-Skin type

Pure water permeability

<8 GPM @ 60 PSI 72F

Nominal Molecular Weight

100,000 NMW < 0.02 microns

Fiber ID

0.8mm - 1.4 mm

Outside-In Flow Pattern

Operating Feed Pressure

Max. 60 PSI

Backflush Pressure Max.

Up to 30 PSI


Max Pressure

75 PSI

CIP Pressure, Max.

30 PSI

Chlorine Tolerance, Max.

200 ppm @ 11 pH

pH Tolerance

2 - 13

Operating Temp. Max.


Backflush Chlorine Max.

10 ppm